Submission for Game Off 2018

Initial Submission

The project is still in a prototype phase, though most of the core mechanics are in place.

Das Luftschiff centers around a flying submarine that operates similar to a Zepplin. It has hydrogen tanks for lift, as well as four main rotors to provide additional stability. Two propellers provide the main forward thrust, although the rotors can be rotated to contribute some of their lift to forward thrust.

Each component provides something to the ship, and requires some resource from the ship. The components also break down with age and in crashes. So, the players main job is to make sure to keep the ship repaired, while also pointed in the direction of resources to be gathered. If the ship is crashed, and one of the core resources (water or methane) is exhausted, the game is up.

Future Development

If the game becomes something people enjoy, I will continue development around the idea. Considered additions:

  • Randomly place mines that cause damage to the ship if not avoided.
  • A gremlin that periodically appears and breaks components.
  • Some music, maybe?!?!

I hope this is a type of game that others, besides myself, would enjoy! If so, do let me know!


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Dec 01, 2018

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